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Going on 4/1 through 4/30 at AP Restaurant Group locations

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Celebrate Earth Month: Dine, Drink, and Clean with Purpose

As April unfolds, so does Earth Month, a time when individuals, communities, and businesses unite to honor and protect our planet. This year, AP Restaurant Group is stepping up their sustainability game in collaboration with 4ocean, an organization dedicated to ocean cleanup. From April 1st to April 30th, participating locations are offering a unique dining experience with a meaningful twist: every order from the special "Buy One, Pull One" menu results in a pound of oceanic trash being removed.

Savor Sustainability: The "Buy One, Pull One" Menu

Embracing the spirit of Earth Month, AP Restaurant Group locations are not only tantalizing taste buds but also making a tangible difference. The featured "Buy One, Pull One" menus boast delectable sustainable seafood specials, ensuring that patrons can indulge guilt-free. Pick between appetizers, entrees or desserts and with each item ordered, diners support the vital work of 4ocean in cleaning up our oceans and pull 1 pound of trash from the ocean!

At select locations, to complement these eco-conscious offerings, the menu features two signature cocktails crafted in collaboration with environmentally conscious brands. We have partnered up with Gray Whale Gin to offer the "Vitamin Sea" martini, a matcha latte-infused delight created to provide a refreshing sip of sustainability. This martini can also be offered as a mocktail. Additionally, we have partnered with Ocean Vodka to create our Earth Month "Mermaid Water" cocktail, a tropical blend that transports taste buds to sun-kissed shores while promoting cleaning up the oceans! If you'd prefer to pair your delicious entrees with wine instead, we will also be featuring "The Crossings" Sauvignon Blanc and "Josh 'Seaswept'" at select locations. Check out each locations' "Buy One, Pull One" menus below and then book your table right away: 

Cool'a Fish Bar Earth Month Menu

Crow's Nest Restaurant Earth Month Menu

Henry's Delray Beach Earth Month Menu

Ke'e Grill Boca Raton Earth Month Menu

Ke'e Grill Juno Beach Earth Month Menu

Tom Sawyer's Earth Month Menu

Beyond the dining experience, patrons have the opportunity to further support the cause by purchasing 4ocean bracelets and "Make Every Day Earth Day" shirts throughout the month. These stylish accessories serve as reminders of the ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship.

Taking Action: Beach Cleanups with Impact

The culmination of Earth Month festivities comes in the form of three beach cleanups across Florida, where volunteers can roll up their sleeves and make a direct impact on our coastal ecosystems. By signing up HERE, individuals can join forces to remove litter and debris from beaches, ensuring cleaner shorelines for both wildlife and visitors. With the help of our partners, AP Restaurant Group is hosting three beach cleans ups listed below: 

Saturday, 4/20 - Juno Beach, FL from 8:30am - 11am 

Sunday, 4/21 - Delray Beach, FL from 8:30am - 11am 

Saturday, 4/27 - Caspersen Beach, FL 8:30am - 11am 


With a limit of 50 volunteers per cleanup, eager participants are encouraged to secure their spots early. Every volunteer will get a FREE Earth Month t-shirt as a thank you for your time to help us in this fight to clean up our oceans and the first 15 volunteers to arrive on the day of each cleanup will receive a complimentary 4ocean bracelet and gloves! So sign up today and then make plans to arrive early! 

Join the Movement: Dine, Drink, and Make a Difference

As Earth Month unfolds, let us come together to celebrate our planet and take meaningful action to protect it. By dining at our participating restaurants, savoring sustainable cuisine, and joining beach cleanups, individuals can make a positive impact on the health of our oceans and the vitality of our planet. A special thank you to our partners, Cheney Brothers, New England Seafood, Gray Whale Gin, Ocean Vodka, and Coastline Diesel  Let's raise our glasses to a greener, cleaner future—one delicious meal and one pound of ocean trash at a time. 

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